• Danny Weinberger Co-Founder & CEO, Morpheus.Network
    15+ Years Experience in Global Trade
  • Noam Eppel Co-Founder & COO, Morpheus.Network
    15+ Years Experience In Web Development & Information Security
  • Nikhil Sethi Director of Marketing, Morpheus.Network
  • Vignesh Iyer Blockchain Solutions & Evangelist, Morpheus.Network
  • Priyanka Pareek Blockchain Solution Architect, Morpheus.Network
  • Priyank Sharma Blockchain Solutions, Morpheus.Network
  • Pravin Tambe Blockchain Delivery Manager, Morpheus.Network
  • Vijayta Bhatt Lead Blockchain Developer, Morpheus.Network
  • Shubham Luthra Marketing, Morpheus Network
  • Zheng Xu Product Development & Asian Integration, Morpheus.Network
  • Matthew Burgoyne Legal Counsel, Morpheus.Network
  • Ryan Franzen Legal Counsel, Morpheus.Network
  • Grant Gulovsen Legal Counsel, Morpheus.Network
  • Andrey Romanov Marketing, Morpheus.Network
  • Pavel Nedzvedz Marketing & Design, Morpheus.Network
  • Polina Kosh Marketing & Design, Morpheus.Network
  • Shusuke Yoshihara Marketing, Morpheus.Network
  • Crypto Kitty Director of Meow, Morpheus.Network


  • Roger Crook Lead Advisor for Global Logistics, Morpheus.Network
    Former CEO of DHL, CEO Capital Springboard
  • Jonathan Lucas Fundraising, Morpheus.Network
    Development Associate & Major Gifts, Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation
  • Max Rive International Relations, Morpheus.Network
    Vice President, Changzhou Maple International Co., China
  • Gaurav Sharma Global Trade & Finance, Morpheus.Network
    Independent Financial & Business Consultant & Strategist
  • Benny Pereira International Logistics & Compliance, Morpheus.Network
    General Mananger, Atlas Cargo
  • Donna Stoppard Platform Development, Morpheus.Network
    Project Manager & Piloter, TD Canada Trust
  • Brian Taylor Fund Distribution & Tax Compliance, Morpheus.Network
    Senior Tax Manager, Deloitte LLP
  • Daniel Eidan Software Solutions, Morpheus.Network
    Blockchain Solutions Architect at R3
  • Giorgi Danelia Global Trade & Finance, Morpheus.Network
    COO, Greennet IT Integration
  • Hagai Maidenberg Marketing & Product Development, Morpheus.Network
    CTO, Target Directories Corp
  • William Liu SWIFT Connection Advisor, Morpheus.Network
    SWIFT, Regional Manager for Corporates
  • Anubhav Nagpal Global Trade & Finance, Morpheus.Network
    Senior Analyst, The Smart Cube

About us

Morpheus.Network was designed in consultation with some of the world’s largest shipping, customs & banking firms to create a full-service, global, automated, supply chain platform with an integrated cryptocurrency payment system utilizing blockchain technology.