Leaders of industry, experts, advocates.. and go getters. Our team possesses the expertise needed to make Morpheus.Network run as smoothly and safely as possible. This includes team members with significant experience in development (blockchain, IoT, ML, AI) project management, importing and exporting, shipping and compliance, web and blockchain security, banking platforms, tax accounting, regulations and legal. Our team members have experience working with companies such as IBM, Deloitte, DHL, BMO, GE, Canada Trust, American Express and more.
  • Danny Weinberger
    Danny Weinberger

    Co-Founder & CEO
    15+ Years Experience in Global Trade

  • Noam Eppel
    Noam Eppel

    Co-Founder & COO
    15+ Years Experience In Web Development & Information Security

  • Roger Crook
    Roger Crook

    Team Lead for Global Logistics

    & Former CEO of DHL, CEO Capital Springboard

  • Karl McDermott
    Karl McDermott

    Global Head of Business Development

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith

    Director of Business Development

  • Simon Cocking
    Simon Cocking

    Chief Strategic Advisor

    & Top Rated Advisor on ICObench

  • Vignesh Iyer
    Vignesh Iyer

    Blockchain Solutions & Evangelist

  • Priyank Sharma
    Priyank Sharma

    Blockchain Solutions

  • Priyanka Pareek
    Priyanka Pareek

    Blockchain Solution Architect

  • Benny Pereira
    Benny Pereira

    International Logistics & Compliance

    & General Manager, Atlas Cargo

  • Jonathan Lucas
    Jonathan Lucas


    & Development Associate & Major Gifts, Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation

  • Brian Taylor
    Brian Taylor

    Fund Distribution & Tax Compliance

    & Senior Tax Manager, Deloitte LLP

  • Donna Stoppard
    Donna Stoppard

    Platform Development

    & Project Manager & Piloter, TD Canada Trust

  • Pavel Nedzvedz
    Pavel Nedzvedz

    Marketing & Design

  • Nikhil Sethi
    Nikhil Sethi

    Director of Marketing

  • Lakshmi Sharma
    Lakshmi Sharma

    Community Manager

  • Matthew Burgoyne
    Matthew Burgoyne

    Legal Counsel

  • Ryan Franzen
    Ryan Franzen

    Legal Counsel

  • Grant Gulovsen
    Grant Gulovsen

    Legal Counsel

  • Kevin Xu
    Kevin Xu

    Product Development & Integrations

  • Andrey Romanov
    Andrey Romanov


  • Polina Kosh
    Polina Kosh

    Marketing & Design

  • Pravin Tambe
    Pravin Tambe

    Blockchain Delivery Manager

  • Vijayta Bhatt
    Vijayta Bhatt

    Lead Blockchain Developer

  • Reggie Tan
    Reggie Tan

    Growth Hacker

  • David Brabrook
    David Brabrook

    Salesforce Advisor

    & Founder of App Solve Tech

  • Kal Ali
    Kal Ali

    Lead Partnership Advisor

  • Sebastian Spitzer
    Sebastian Spitzer

    Advisor Mobility and IoT

  • Vishal Waman
    Vishal Waman

    Development Project Manager

  • Carlos Naupari
    Carlos Naupari

    Partnerships LatAm

  • Crypto Kitty
    Crypto Kitty

    Director of Meow