Supply Chain,

Morpheus.Network was built to make logistics easier using blockchain technology. Combining the most brilliant minds in global trade, information security, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, Morpheus.Network aims to fix the inefficiencies that the World Economic Forum has identified in a $15 trillion USD industry.

About the Platform

Modern solutions
to manage supply chains


Smart Contracts drive the supply chain with predetermined, automated work contracts, shipping & customs documents, as well as fast international payments to over 1600 banks globally.

Multi-Flow Payments

Payments are automated using Smart Contracts, which can be sent or received in any currency or cryptocurrency globally. Settlements are initiated through the SWIFT Network, supporting 200+ countries worldwide.


The platform runs blockchain-agnostic, and is compatible with any blockchain infrastructure a company wishes to use. For example, two companies can leverage all platform benefits without the same blockchain infrastructure implemented (e.g. Ethereum and Hyperledger).

Layering Technology

The layering of new and existing technologies - legacy or blockchain - further enables supply chain automation. Integrations include utilizing Fedex’s tracking technology to signify shipment arrivals, or Ripple as a settlement objective in a supply chain Smart Contract.

Secured by Hacken

Morpheus.Network is secured by HackenProof, a decentralized bug bounty platform that provides a preventative, rather than reactive, approach to cybersecurity. HackenProof connects Morpheus.Network with thousands of highly skilled security researchers from around the world to ensure that our code meets the highest standards of security.

This collective intelligence provided by HackenProof functions as an additional layer of security on top of our team’s already rigorous security standards and substantially improves our ability to identify threats ahead of time.

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