Morpheus Network Interface

The Morpheus Network features a simplified and streamlined dashboard interface.  Interacting with the network by revising or adding Smart Contract objectives in your supply chain is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate.

You can easily view the flow of the funds and documentation within any transaction as well as utilize any of the Morpheus Network features such as escrow payment services and document digitization.

It also features the permission settings which establish which documents or Smart Contract objectives are kept private, and which ones are visible and shareable with your shipping agents, customs brokers and freight forwarders.

Morpheus Network Smart Contract Interface


Platform Testing / Quality Control & Management:

Only the highest level of quality will be attained through testing and maintenance. Testing of the platform is at the same level as Canadian National banks thanks to our advisor, Donna Stoppard, from TD Canada Trust.

  • SIT = system integration testing – typically the first type of testing and is completed in a “lower” environment.  It’s ensuring the blockchain code and Morpheus Network platform will be integrated to create an end user friendly interface.  At this testing stage, the platform is not live, but simply verifies that the technology built (code, logic etc.) is functioning as expected.
  • BAT = business acceptance testing – completed after SIT is complete and all the SIT defects that have been identified during SIT are fixed.  BAT is for the Business.  SIT tests the technology (eg. logic behind the scenes), and BAT tests the business related specifications (eg. checking that mandatory fields have an asterisk, and that proper error messages appear if a mandatory field is left blank.)  BAT is also completed in the “lower environment”.
  • PCOE = Performance testing – completed in a production environment.  PCOE tests the performance of the Morpheus Network.  What can cause the system to crash?  What can bog the speed of the network?  Each factor will be taken into account during the PCOE testing phase.
  • PAT = production acceptance testing – this is the final stage of testing that is completed and is done in a production environment, but the network would still inactive during this testing phase.  Testing is completed to ensure there are no defects when promoting the code from a lower level to a production environment and the performance and expectations for all test case are as expected.  After the PAT testing is completed, the Morpheus Network will be activated!

About us

Morpheus.Network was designed in consultation with some of the world’s largest shipping, customs & banking firms to create a full-service, global, automated, supply chain platform with an integrated cryptocurrency payment system utilizing blockchain technology.