Integrating the Morpheus,Network platform with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system and SWIFT, to enable our international payment processing system, is an essential step in automating any supply chain.  Payments are automated as an objective in a Smart Contract and initiated, with no additional fees, through the Morpheus Network, to be received in any currency globally to over 1675 banks!

SWIFT is a member-owned cooperative operating a global financial communications network through which the financial world conducts business operations. More than 11,000 banks, financial institutions, investment managers, and corporations exchange millions of financial messages each day across our network in more than 200 countries worldwide.

1675 Banks
213 Countries Worldwide
6,000,000,000 Messages Per Year
99.999% Availability

The Challenge

Corporate treasurers are tasked with dealing with countless file formats, connectivity solutions and service offerings when working with numerous banking providers. Operational processes and the technical architecture utilized by treasury organizations is often sub-optimal, with a relatively low degree of visibility and automation. This leads to higher risk and lower productivity, let alone reduced efficacy of liquidity and cash management.

A part of the solution

By placing SWIFT at the center of the Morpheus Network’s architecture,  a single connection granting access to all of their banking partners and automates the flow of information for cash balance visibility and payments globally. With its bank-agnostic platform, SWIFT eliminates the need for a multitude of bank portals and file formats, delivering a robust and scalable model for financial communications by eliminating the need for ERP and treasury systems to be configured for each bank and payment type.

The result

With the benefits of risk mitigation, resiliency, efficiency, and control, treasury is able to focus on the more strategic aspects of the job, like hedging, liquidity and working capital optimization.

About us

Morpheus.Network was designed in consultation with some of the world’s largest shipping, customs & banking firms to create a full-service, global, automated, supply chain platform with an integrated cryptocurrency payment system utilizing blockchain technology.